Robotkid is a KC Comedy video, and first song of KC Comedy.


Lyrics Edit

I'm gonna tell you something in a rap
How I ended up like that.
With this ugly robot face
No-one wants to go near me.

It happened two weeks ago,
I was eating some cheerios
I decided to play some Nintendo
and play some Super Mario.

But then, I tripped on the controller.
Smashed my face right onto the floor.
I got knocked out,
And some teeth fell out.

When I woke up, I was in the snow.
It was freezing cause it's the winter, ya know.

I went back inside to look in the mirror.
My face was pretty freaking weird.
It's a robot face, I screamed!
But it's too ugly, how will anyone recognize me?

I started to cry, and I ran.
I didn't bother to bring anything.

[Chorus: Yeah, He's a Robotkid,
and He is so ugly.
He's uglier than your mom,
and he's uglier than me.]

Two days passed, and I was starving
I decided to get some McDonalds.
Then I realized I brought no cash,
So I tried to steal something, and stuck it up my ass.

Then an employee called the cops.
So I ran, and went to some old guy's shop.
It was weird so I decided to leave.
I didn't know where to flee.

I didn't want to live anymore
Everywhere I went, I wasn't adored.
But screw the haters, I'm a fucking robot!
you're human, so go get freaking shot.

Now I realized being a robot rocks.
Know why, bitch? Cause I'm a fucking robot!

[Chorus: Yeah, He's a Robotkid,
He is so ugly.
He's uglier than your mom,
and he's uglier than me.]

Yeah, because I'm a robot, bitch.

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